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Hourgrid is a new cloud-based Integrated Workforce Management Technology for Contact Centers. It features a simple API based Integration, unique and refreshing approach to Time and Attendance, smart tool to calculate Schedule Adherence with, and many more...

A True Smart Technology

Hourgrid is where the concepts of Time frame and Timeline take on a whole new meaning. It's the result of a deeper look into the core of Time and Attendance. As a software, Hourgrid is flexible and measures up to high standards of functional scalability. Its user interface that practically extends inner workings to the hands of its users proves itself to be the right tool when it comes to aligning WFM software's functionality with company's own policies and local labor laws.

A true Time and Attendance solution affords you a myriad of work schedule arrangements and endless intraday activities programming . . . off the shelf.

Say Goodbye to Complex Integrations and Hello to Hourgrid

In today’s demand for seamless interconnectedness, Hourgrid jumps on the bandwagon and delivers. With its RESTful API in place and simplicity of interface, Integration is a breeze.

Let's take a look at how it is done essentially with Hourgrid. First, like most WFM softwares, the mapping of your Agent Status Codes plays essential role in the integration process. But with Hourgrid, this is made simple, easy, and variable.

As mentioned, Timeline takes on a new meaning here. With Hourgrid, it is an object that is passed from Contact Center to Hourgrid's controller (which is an API endpoint); and it contains the data of event for each status of an agent.

So, the other phase of integration takes a Timeline object (or an array of it, if you prefer) to POST to Hourgrid's API endpoint:

Here is what an array of Timeline objects to post looks like for an Agent spending 5 minutes on Inbound call, followed by 2 minutes of Waiting from 9:30 to 9:37 in the morning of December 19, 2015:

        "externalId" : "your_contact_center_record_id", 
        "userid" : "your_contact_center_agent_id",
        "start" : "201512190930",
        "end" : "201512190935",
        "statuscode" : "your_contact_center_status_code_for_INBOUND"
        "externalId" : "your_contact_center_record_id", 
        "userid" : "your_contact_center_agent_id",
        "start" : "201512190935",
        "end" : "201512190937",
        "statuscode" : "your_contact_center_status_code_for_WAITING"
Real-time Processing

Hourgrid takes calculation on the fly seriously. Normally, other Time and Attendance solutions wait until the day is over before it proceeds to computation for such variables as Hours Worked, Overtime, Violation, Schedule Adherence, etc. But with Hourgrid, this is done in real time or as soon as the data arrive at the app's controller.

Oftentimes we need proof for this and fortunately Hourgrid is ready. A Live Demo not only to test its real-time capability but also to discover its potential as the right tool in general you're looking for is available.

Variable Schedule Adherence Reporting

Schedule Adherence is the metric that is constantly debated in the Contact Center Industry. In attempt to address this problem, Hourgrid dedicates a module to Schedule Adherence where everyone is happily formulating their own equation.

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